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Visuals with Unparalleled Details

EleMend goes beyond the conventional periodic table experience by providing you with intricate and detailed 3D models that showcase the physical appearance of each element. With our app, you can dive into a world of visually stunning representations that accurately depict the unique characteristics of every element. From the lustrous shine of metals to the translucent glow of gases, EleMend brings the elements to life in ways that textbooks can only dream of.

But it doesn't stop there. EleMend takes your exploration to a whole new level by incorporating interactive sound features. Imagine tapping on a metal and hearing a distinct sound that corresponds to its density. Our app makes learning immersive and engaging as you discover that the pitch of the hitting sound is directly proportional to the density of the element. This innovative approach not only helps you understand the elements on a visual level but also adds an auditory dimension to enhance your comprehension.


Advanced Rendering of Electron Clouds

  In EleMend, we believe in providing an unparalleled learning experience that goes beyond the surface. That's why our app takes a quantum leap by incorporating advanced rendering techniques based on the Schrödinger equation to visualize the intricate electron clouds of each element.

Our app accurately depicts the probabilities of finding electrons in different regions around the atomic nucleus, showcasing the mesmerizing shapes and patterns that define the electron cloud. From simple s-orbitals to complex d- and f-orbitals, EleMend brings to life the abstract world of quantum mechanics, allowing you to understand the fundamental building blocks of matter like never before.


From Spectral lines to Spectrum

  Unlike traditional methods that present an array of spectral lines, our app employs a simulation of a flash tube, faithfully replicating the combined spectrum observed in the real world.

With EleMend, you can witness the vibrant and dynamic nature of emission spectra just as if you were conducting experiments in a laboratory. The app accurately recreates the emission patterns of each element, showcasing the distinct combination of colors that make up its unique spectral fingerprint. By simulating a flash tube, we provide a realistic representation that allows you to observe the complete spectrum as a cohesive and interconnected whole.

This innovative approach not only enhances the authenticity of your learning experience but also enables you to understand the spectral characteristics of elements in a more intuitive way. You can explore the relationships between spectral lines, identify spectral patterns, and grasp the underlying principles that govern the emission of light from atoms.


Atom Packing and Crystal Structures

   EleMend offers a  3D interactive experience, showcasing how atoms are meticulously packed to form full solids. With three distinct viewing modes, EleMend allows you to delve into the intricacies of unit cells, explore atom packing arrays, and marvel at the ethereal beauty of atom clouds.

In the unit cell view, you can manipulate and examine the fundamental building block of a crystal lattice, gaining insights into the repeating pattern that defines the crystal structure. EleMend empowers you to rotate, zoom, and dissect the unit cell, providing a comprehensive understanding of the spatial arrangement of atoms.

The atom packing array mode brings the crystal lattice to life by presenting a holistic perspective of atom positions. Visualize the interlocking network of atoms and uncover the symmetry and coordination of the crystal structure. EleMend's interactive tools enable you to navigate through the array, unraveling the complexities of atomic arrangements in a visually engaging way.

For those seeking a deeper exploration, the atom clouds mode in EleMend provides a mesmerizing representation of electron density. Witness the ethereal cloud-like formations that reveal the probabilities of electron positions within the crystal lattice. Immerse yourself in the quantum nature of atoms and gain a profound understanding of how electron distributions influence crystal properties.

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