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Understand Colors, Naturally...

This is for everyone who loves colors, for those who gets intrigued, when the sky has hues all mixed up, for those who wonder how the sea and the rivers have greens and blues when flowing on brown land. And for those who loves to solve puzzles, mix your colors and solve the problem.
This game will give you an understanding on how by mixing primary colors, can give you a color spectrum. Blue and yellow gives you green, this we have learned since we are kids, HueDrop  takes it multi step forward,  enabling you to create thousands of colors with just 3 primary colors.


UnMix... Step by Step

Color mixing simulator in HueDrop will let you to mix your favorite water colors. If you come across an interesting color while mixing random colors, HueDrop will show you the the colors and proportions to be mixed, step by step

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